We use Gamification to boost your Sales Teams

Peak me up is the sales gamification platform that will increase your sales productivity and drive more revenue. Thanks to our PMU Coaching Algorithm™, your team is driven by constant, funny and real time dynamics... generating more than 20% sales growth for our clients.

Real Time Results

The right way to stimulate

Peak me up works in real time, for real. Let's boost, message and encourage the reps when they need to.

Mobile First

Always on the battlefield

Peak me up is 100% Mobile. For the Sales Reps. For the Team Leaders. For the Sales Directors.

Have fun, baby!

Gamification techniques that drive results

We do believe that gamification is the right way to motivate and boost your teams. Sell more. Have fun.

Peak me up | Features

Peak me up is the best way to accelerate your sales process & beat your sales goals

- clear objectives shared by all;
- realtime dashboards;
- challenges with different scenarios;
- private instant messaging;
- accurate rankings;
- multilevel management (sales rep, team leader, sales manager);

Peak me up combines gamification techniques and improved sales animation rules to help you increase your sales.

- As team leader, set up clear objectives for your team members.
- Start a 'highlander' challenge between 2 sales reps.
- Let anyone explore in real time the objectives, average, peaks, on an individual basis.
- Start your day with daily Rankings, featuring the best reps and showing the objectives.
- Follow your team members to stay up-to-date on everything they're selling. React quickly.
- Explore the latest KPI's figures.
- Send private messages in the embedded instant messaging system
- Enjoy a clean and fun design, including inspiring push messages and moutains environment. Get the Peak attitude.

Top-notch support

Support is available free of charge to all Peak me up users. Get in touch, we're glad to help.

Lifetime Updates

Peak me up is a Solution as a Service - S.a.a.S. - all updates and upgrades are automatically included.


No tricks, Peak me up is what you see, a flexible and powerful for any of your projects.

How awesome is it?

Our clients get up to 30% sales growth

Belfius Bank
+30% Sales Increase

30% sales increase thanks to motivation made regular

Peak me up is installed in 8 Belfius agencies, as a Sales Motivation pilot test. "In 4 months time, we reached a sales growth of 30%! This solution is a real killer!", says Frederic Lebrun, General Manager. "What impressed me is how fast my team accepted it and wanted to use it on a daily basis. It has added rythm but also regularity in our daily objectives.""

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Continental Foods
France brings
in the game

Sales reps and merchandisers together

Continental Foods France - Liebig, Royco, DevosLemmens, ... - is using Peak me up as a sales motivation platform for its 50+ sales force. But they also use it as a Product Placement incentive tools. Each merchandiser gets challenges and has to show how he/she places products in the stores, thanks to a picture taken from Peak me up. In real time, merchandisers can play, compete and win gifts and prizes.

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Bacardi Australia
Peak me up... down under!

Peak me up is flexible, scalable and international.

Bacardi Australia has a - fantastic - team of 30+ reps, but they are thousand miles distant from each other. Peak me up is a fantastic tool to keep them linked and connected, in real time, during the day. Jeremy Goodale - Sales Director, "We are starting to see some momentum! Let's see how challenge 2 goes"

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Dominique Mangiatordi

Sales Manager Europe

Emma Bauden

Sales Manager France

Maxime Larnouhet

Sales Flying Officer Canada

“I think gamification is simply a reflection of our innate desire as humans to be recognized.”

~ Dave McDermott, Director of Sales Enablement, Kelly Services

“We like to think of it as behavior management. It’s how to get people to do more stuff, more often, for more periods of time.”

~ Steve Sims, VP Solutions & Design, Badgeville

“That’s what games are, in the end. Teachers. Fun is just another word for learning.”

~ Raph Koster, A Theory of Fun for Game Design

Sell more, have fun, baby!

~ Peak me up team



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